Mr. Olsem's Page

  • Francis Olsem

    I have been working at Washington Technology Magnet School for seven years as a math teacher. I graduated from St. John's University in MN in 2011, and recieved my Master's of Education at Bethel University in 2015. 

    I teach my math classes through a team-building approach with a focus on learning through socially relevant projects, gamification, and interactive self-paced learning. It is my goal to make mathematics relevant and fun, while empowering students to see value in their ability to be analytical thinkers.

    I live in St. Paul near Hamline University. I love spending time at the restaraunts and shops in my neighborhood, and in my free time I like to be outside (playing tennis, beach volleyball, broomball, running), read for fun, and travel. I also am a property manager and enjoy doing projects on my houses. 

    My class schedule is:

                            PUPRLE DAYS                 GOLD DAYS

    Period 1                 ---------                         ---------

    Period 2         Intermediate Algebra .            prep time

    Period 3 .       Intermediate Algebra      Intermediate Algebra

    Period 4               prep time                 Intermediate Algebra

    Period 5          Int. Algebra Support .     Int. Algebra Support

    Contact me at:

    Work Phone: 651-744-4876