Ms. Caitlin Gill

  • Caitlin Gill



    Hello! My name is Caitlin Gill and I am the work-based learning coordinator at Washington. This is my first year as a work-based learning coordinator, but my fifth year as a teacher at Washington. Previously I worked as a special education teaching, primarily with students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Prior to this year I taught special education reading, study skills, co-taught English 10 and 12, co-taught geography, and co-taught general education reading. I studied Psychology at the University of St Thomas for my undergraduate degree. In an internship as a independent living skills instruction (ILS) I discovered that I loved working with students with behavioral or emotional needs and pursued my Masters in Special Education at the University of Minnesota. At the University of Minnesota I obtained my license in emotional/behavior disorders (EBD) and learning disabilities (LD). After three years of teaching I decided to pursue a license in work-based learning.

    In my new role as a work-based learning teaching I teach a Career Seminar course for Special Education students. This course covers materials such as workplace safety, understanding career interests and realistic career goals, resume building, interview skills, how to maintain a job, on the job problem solving skills, and financial responsibility. I also coordinator and observe students with job sites during the school day or after school. I am passionate about helping students connect  the school day and work experiences. Students can learn and grow through both school and work experience, I hope to help students in that process.