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    Ms. Lorlee Sanchez, 9th Grade Counselor

    Hello Washington Technology Magnet community!  Ms. Sanchez is a Licensed School Counselor who enjoys working with our 9th grade students on their academic, career, and social/emotional questions and concerns as we prepare them for post-secondary choices in the next few years.

    The 2021-2022 year marks her 37th year in education. Ms. Sanchez brings experience from her teaching and counseling days in Los Angeles, Atlanta, MN Northern Suburbs, St. Paul, as well as her travels from around the world.
    Ms. Sanchez received her M.ED from Kennesaw State University, GA then went on to receive her Counseling License from the University of River Falls, WI. Besides being a school counselor, she is a retired Commander from the Navy Reserves and a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Having Washington's very successful Navy JROTC program here is a personal plus!

    Ms. Sanchez is married with two adult children who also serve in the military.  She enjoys ballet, ice skating, biking, surfing and kickboxing as well as traveling, reading and spending time with family and friends.  Ms. Sanchez enjoys working with Washington's team of teachers, administrators & staff who all do an excellent job in helping students achieve their very best!

    Please feel free to stop by or call if you have any questions or concerns.

     This June, after a 25 year career with St. Paul Public Schools, Ms. Sanchez will be retiring.  She looks forward to her and her husband relocating to their Nebraska farm house near her grown children, grandkids and mom.

    Lorlee Sanchez, M.S., L.S.C
    Licensed School Counselor
    Office #2641
    E-Mail: Lorlee.Sanchez@spps.org