Biology / Human Biology Grades 7 & 11

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    Hello, my name is Mr. Jordheim. 

    I have been teaching biology and life science for over 20 years at Washington.  Human Biology is a middle school course that is very unique.  It is not offered in any other school in the district and is most likely not offered in any other public school in the United states.  The 7th grade Human Biology course is designed to introduce students into the world of both Human Anatomy and Medicine.  The course includes dissections and activities that are very unique and also rigorous at the same time.  Students who are interested in pursuing a career in Medicine or Medical Engineering get specialized instruction that gives them a competitive edge in today's fast paced a world.  The high school Biology course for 11th graders is a rigorous course dealing with several topics ranging from Ecology to Genetics.  At Washington we pride ourselves not only in the extensive use of technology, but also in superb instruction in all science related fields.  Over the years I have seen many of our students go on to post graduate studies in many of today's medical and engineering fields.  If you have any questions about the department or the school in general, please contact me.  I / We hope to see you gain an educational advantage in a very competitive world.

    Mr. F Jordheim