Physical Education

  • Welcome to Crossroads Elementary Physical Education homepage.

    This is the part where most P.E. instructors list the state requirements, standards, what shoes to wear, etc. I’ll get to that, after other important items.

    First, bad news/ good news related to shared expectations.

    Bad News:  It's doubtful I will transform your student into a world-renowned professional athlete. Then again, I do buy a lottery ticket every once in a great while, so I do believe in longshots – but don’t count on them.

    Good news: I will work to shape your child into a healthier and happier person. Positive self-esteem, social engagement and empathy for others are woven throughout every lesson, every class.

    Facilities and Equipment
    Crossroads Elementary students are provided with a wide variety of fundamental sports skills and cool games. A good amount of our equipment is graciously donated. Thank you. In fact, recently the Minnesota Wild donated professional grade hockey equipment. One student said, “I thought I didn't like hockey, but I really like it! Is this a two-week unit or one? I hope it's two!"  Music to my ears.

    I'm grateful for our wonderful facilities that provide the latitude, in all weather, to safely and comfortably enjoy a variety of fun and challenging activities. From a beautiful and spacious gymnasium to a campus that includes a huge outdoor field, I am able to do my best work and our students ultimately benefit. It’s why I’m here; it’s why I love what I do.   


    The skills taught are aligned with the Minnesota Physical Education Standards and Assessments. Here is a LINK if you would like to learn more. In short, the shared vision is to develop students who have “the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.”
    The actual units, i.e., soccer, basketball, hockey, etc. are different for each grade, so if that is important to you to know, simply email me and I can share what is planned. 


    In my 9+ years of teaching the one thing that has remained constant is that when children are involved in making decisions they engage and learn at a whole different and higher level. That’s why 3rd , 4th and 5th graders often co-teach gym class and help make decisions regarding what we will be doing. It’s amazing to watch how this responsibility fosters class unity and mutual respect. Another important opportunity for engagement involves you - parents, community friends and businesses. If you would like to volunteer for a 50-minute gym class, we’d love to have you. If you would like to make a donation of equipment or funds, that is always helpful, too. Simply email me.  

    With Appreciation for Your Attention and Support,

    Ms. Lamm