English Language Learners

  • Our ELL teaching team serves students from many cultures and linguistic backgrounds. Crossroads Elementary provides many wonderful learning opportunities for our ELL (English Language Learners) students. This is done through targeted language instruction and by valuing and encouraging our students to express and preserve their individual cultural identities and languages.


     Crossroads ELL Team

    Ms. Brita Eckman--EL Teacher Crossroads Science grades 3-5

    Ms. Ann Yee--EL Teacher Crossroads Science grades K-2

    Ms. Lori Thomas-Williams--EL Teacher Crossroads Montessori grades 1-5

    Ms. Sarah Kiiskila--EL Teacher Crossroads Montessori Kindergarten

    Ms. Norah Nyo--Karen Interpreter Montessori and Science programs


    Please visit the district's MLL site found here for more information: https://www.spps.org/mll