• Pre-K Objectives:

    Pre-K provides a rigorous academic preschool education for children. Classes focus on teaching children to:

    • see themselves as capable learners.
    • develop reading, writing and math skills.
    • work well with other children and adults.

    This year we are exploring ourselves and our community, the natural world, and changes over time. We use the Saint Paul Public School’s Curriculum, Discovering Our World. We are learning about many fascinating topics through literature, hands-on exploration, and experiments. Our classroom is full of possibilities!

  • Pre-Kindergarten School Supplies

    *1 large backpack (needs to fit a folder and large paper---no wheels please)

    *1 box of thick markers (Crayola classic markers)

    *3 two-pocket folders (1 red)

    *2 boxes of Kleenex

    *4 pack of Playdoh

    *Ziploc Bags

    *Elmer glue stick

    *$5.00 for miscellaneous supplies, photos and celebrations

    *Finally, please pick at least one of the following to contribute to the classroom supplies…

    *paper towels,

    4 pack of Expo Dry Markers

    paper bags OR


    **Please put your child’s names on the folders and their backpack. The rest of the items will be pooled for classroom use.

     **You can plan to bring your supplies with you to the registration conference so your child will not have to carry them on the first day.