Como Second Grade

Reading during Reader's Workshop
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    Welcome to Como Park Second Grade Web Page. The year is moving quickly and our second graders are deeply immersed in reading longer texts, writing in many genres and working with large numbers.
    Small reading groups have allowed us to provide reading instruction for each child at the appropriate level.

    Regular progress checks guide instuctional decisions and open pathways for children to move between groups. Our second graders are also excited about their independent reading and are learning to use the computerized program Accelerated Reader. This program encourages them to select books for pleasure reading and then take short computer tests to monitor their comprehension. Recent results from STAR Early Literacy computer tests show strong gains in vocabulary, comprehension, and strategies for decoding challenging words. 

    The Everyday Math program establishes a varied and fun format for hands-on math discovery. The spiraling curriculum provides repeated exposures to essential math concepts and allows children to learn at their own pace. Inventories and unit checks given regularly show our children steadily moving toward mastery. 

    Teachers and students love Writers Workshop! We write at least 45 minutes every day. We are fortunate to have a writing team work in our classrooms regularly, supporting children as authors. Students are proud to share what they have written.

Non-fiction text for our research unit.

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