Como Fourth Grade

  • Our Teachers:
    Mr. Binns

    Mr. Prescott

    Welcome to the Fourth Grade 2018-19!

    We are so excited to welcome you to the fourth grade!  All of your teachers have been working hard to prepare exciting and enjoyable lessons for you to learn.  Here in the fourth grade, you will find that things are a little different than in third, but your dedicated teachers will help you through these transitions.

    The biggest transition for fourth grade is that you are entering into your intermediate education.  There will be a need for students and parents to be actively involved in monitoring learning and participation.  We are going to participate in the Leader In Me program, which teaches organizational leadership skills.  All of these skills will set your fourth grader up for a successful academic career in fourth grade and beyond.  Some of the biggest study skill changes for fourth graders is reading daily from a variety of genres, writing about their reading and learning to take notes in class. This may sound like a challenge, but we will learn this step by step and help each one of the students through the process.  Parents can help by checking planners nightly with their child.

    We look forward to meeting, teaching, and learning with you!


    Homework Guidelines

    • Students are provided with a homework planner at the beginning of the year.
    • Students are expected to read 30 minutes or more daily, at their independant reading level.
    • Homework may also include math practice, reading skill sheets, or writing activities.
    • Students who complete weekly assigned work may participate in Friday enrichment activities.

    Parent / Teacher Communication

    • Weekly/Monthly reports to communicate student progress.
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Fall/Spring conferences
    • Telephone discussions

    Math Links

    Click here for games, practice, and more!

    Field Trip Preview

    Fourth graders have many STEM field trips coming up this year. One of our science goals is to have children understand ENERGY, including electrity and how it can be generated.  Another goal for 4th grade science if for students to learn and apply the ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS (EDP).  Students will be building circuits in STEM class, learning how to store and generate electricity at the Bakken Museum, practicing the EDP at the Works, and exploring the first law of thermodynamics at the University of MN.  All of this learning about energy gets us, well, energized!  With all of this science fun, we are bound to be the best scientists! This year we are also developing lessons relating to social studies in our own Planetarium!  Get ready for fun and learning!

    Supply List

    Click here to see the needed supplies for your fourth grade student.