Physical Education Class

  • This week: On Thursday and Friday this week at 11:00 any student can join me for Mid-Day Activities.  To join:  Open Google Meet app at 11:00 and "join a meeting with code:"       gymclass       See you there! 


    No school for students January 25-29

    Gym schedule February 1-5

    virtual in orange


    7:55-8:45       5th grade    Ms. Halvorson  (Tuesday: Whole class Google Meet 8:45-9:00)

    8:45-9:35       4th grade    Mr. Binns  (Tuesday: Whole class Google Meet 8:45-9:00)

    9:35-10:25     3rd grade    Ms. Jennrich  (Tuesday: Whole class Google Meet 9:35-9:50)

    11:20-12:10   K/1              Ms. Burton  (Tuesday: Whole class Google Meet 11:20-11:35)

    12:10-1:00     1st grade     Ms. Vue  

    1:00-1:50       1/2              Ms. Snyder  (Tuesday: Whole class Google Meet 1:00-1:15)


    Office hours: OfficeHours_BG_5f32038b85087.png

    I will be available Monday - Friday from 11:00-11:15 or by appointment this week.  Join me on Google Meet by using the code     gymclass      To make an appointment, please send an email to:; or, you can call or text me anytime 651-300-2509.

    Expectations in gym: Distance Learning 2.0:
    1. Tuesday of the week: join Google Meet for sychronous, whole group activity (see times above).
    2. Grades PK-3 & 3/4 Windman:  Complete the task board assigned each day in Seesaw or perform the "Quiet Zone" workout.  Then, "respond" telling me what exercise you did that day to let me know you completed the assignment.
    3. Grades 4 & 5:  Complete all activites in Schoology each day.  Sometimes, this is two assignments per day.


    Expectations in gym: In-person

    1. Safety is most important.  We can't exercise if we are hurt.
    2. Participation.  None of us are good at all things.  In gym, we prioritize effort over skill.  
    3. Respect for others.  In gym no one is more important than anyone else.



    Click here to view what's offered and register your family for activities.

    Why exercise?

    Physical activity for children is essential for proper development.  Being physically active has been shown to: improve cognition, improve self esteem, improve behavior in the classroom (Mahar et. al., 2006; Bailey et. al., 2006), improve mental health (ie., depression and anxiety), and decrease the chance a person will be absent from school or sick (Dwyer, 1979) (Basch, 2010).  Students who are more active have been shown to get better grades and get higher test scores.




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