Welcome to Randolph Heights

  • Welcome to Randolph Heights! Our neighborhood school has strong ties to the community, made even stronger by dedicated parents and families. Volunteers help with programs like our book club for students in grades K-2. Our active families build community pride, support field trips and help with other learning activities. As an accredited Core Knowledge school, our students develop impressive skills in social studies, science, literature, mathematics and the arts. In addition to core classes, students are inspired through technology, visual arts, music, physical education, and gifted and talented services. We are especially proud of our library, which annually circulates more than 40,000 books from an updated collection.

Our Mission

  • Our mission at Randolph Heights is to continually strengthen our tradition of excellence by providing a quality education for all students. Our rigorous curriculum lays a solid foundation for learning that enables students to build upon their prior knowledge and experiences, while staff, parents and community members provide a safe, supportive environment in which all students engage in learning.