Our Mission, Vision and Program

    At Maxfield Elementary we teach students to know the standards they are expected to reach for graduation, and then we work to help them exceed those standards. We achieve this through clear and focused collaborative teaming using data to drive instruction, strategies that support student engagement, and partnerships with parents and community.

    At Maxfield Elementary we provide students a place where they can grow to their highest potential. Together, students, staff, parents, and community members, we encourage and support a culture of respect and excellence. Through collaboration and high expectations we ensure students achieve high academic success and as a community we celebrate their accomplishments.

    Opened in 1890, Maxfield combines generations of tradition with state-of-the-art technology. Parents, community, and staff all work together for the success of children to provide a well rounded education that engages both the arts and science, an emphasis on the use of technology, and a solid foundation in reading and math. Parents can expect excellence in teaching, multiple supports through both school and community resources and a welcoming environment.

    • Serving grades Pre-K to grade 5
    • Providing a balanced approach that includes culture class, creative and critical thinking class, and leadership development through both school day and after-school opportunities.
    • Specialist classes include:  Science, Physical Education, Literacy & Arts Enrichment
    • All students wear uniforms
    • Center for Culture, Families, and Learning supports parents/guardians, students, and staff
    • Designated as a Promise Neighborhood targeted services school