Uniform Policy

  • Uniform Options

    1. Dark Blue, khaki slacks, walking shorts, "skorts" or jumpers
    2. Navy, Royal Blue, Light Blue, White, oxford shirt, polo shirt, or pullover turtleneck (must have a collar)
    3. Navy Blue sweater, pullover, cardigan, button down sweater, or vest
    4. Black or Brown belt with pants.
    5. Shoes are family choice - no slippers or open toes.


    Student, Family and Staff Expectations

    • Families will be called when a student comes out of uniform to verify the reason student is out of uniform and encouraged to bring a uniform to school for the scholar.
    • Uniforms are required for field trips unless formal attire is required. 
    • The principal will allow exceptions to uniform policy on special occasions (students and families will be notified in advance).