Uniform Policy

  • Uniform Options

    1. Black, Dark Blue, khaki slacks, walking shorts, "skorts" or jumpers
    2. Navy, Royal Blue, Light Blue, White, Red, Yellow, oxford shirt, polo shirt, or pullover turtleneck (must have a collar)
    3. Navy Blue sweater, pullover, cardigan, button town sweater, or vest
    4. Black or Brown belt with pants.
    5. Shoes are family choice - no slippers


    Student, Family and Staff Expectations

    • Families will be called when a student comes out of uniform to verify the reason student is out of uniform and encouraged to bring a uniform to school for the scholar.
    • Refusal to wear a uniform for any reason will result in the student being dismissed.
    • Further disciplinary actions may be taken if a student consistently refuses to wear their uniform.
    • Uniforms are required for field trips unless formal attire is required. T
    • he principal will allow exceptions to uniform policy on special occasions (students will be notified in advance).