American Indian Studies

American Indian Studies
  • The American Indian Studies (AIS) Program provides the opportunity for ALL students, of any and all cultures, to learn American Indian history, literature, art, and language from a Native perspective. Both Ojibwe and Dakota languages are offered at Harding High School. All AIS classes meet district and state content standards, and have been developed as rigorous, culturally competent courses.

    Through collaboration with the Saint Paul Indian Education Program, we offer additional support for American Indian students, including attendance and grade monitoring, college and career exploration, tutoring, and Support class.


    Courses offered:

    Ojibwe Language Level 1, 2, and 3 (College credit offered for Level 3 through Fond du Lac Tribal College)

    Dakota Language Level 1 and 2

    American Indian Voices (English Language Arts)

    American Indian History

    American Indian Art, Beginning, Advanced, and Studio

    American Indian AVID (Grade 9)

    American Indian Support (Grades 10-12)


    Graduate with a Distinction In American Indian Studies:

    Saint Paul Public Schools is proud to offer a “Distinction in American Indian Studies.”  Much like college students choosing a major field of study, secondary students may choose to specialize in American Indian Studies (AIS).  Students in the program have the same graduation requirements as their peers, but they elect to learn about Native culture and language, history and art, and they are involved in the Native community. With the successful completion of program criteria, students will earn the “Distinction in American Indian Studies” mark on their final transcripts and their honor will be noted at the Indian Education and Harding High School graduation ceremonies.


Distinction in AIS