Welcome Back to Hazel Park 2015-16

  • Welcome to Hazel Park Preparatory Academy, a Pre-K -8 school on the East side of St. Paul.

    We support our Superintendant’s motto of “Strong Schools, Strong Communities.”

    A great education involves a partnership with educators, families and community to prepare children with a foundation that will support them to become global minded citizens in an ever-changing society. We provide opportunities for students to develop their fullest intellectual, creative, social-emotional, physical and spiritual capacities. We believe that a rigorous, challenging and engaging curriculum encourages learning that promotes inquiry, development of critical thinking skills and character/attitude building. Hazel Park Preparatory Academy, (HPPA), is committed to a curriculum framework that includes collaborative planning, teaching and learning.

    HAZEL PARK PREPARATORY ACADEMY MISSION STATEMENT:  Hazel Park Preparatory Academy will provide a peaceful environment where educators use the inquiry process to encourage students to build upon their strengths and knowledge. Students are inspired to be respectful, open-minded and reflective as they face challenges and make contributions to our world as compassionate, glogally actie lifelong learners.

    HAZEL PARK PREPARATORY ACADEMY VISION STATEMENT:  Preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society recognizing racial and ethnicity as well as their contribution to our society.

    OUR PHILOSOPHY:  Students are expected to work with diligence and demonstrate a sense of serious engagement toward the goals of their education. Setting goals at the start of a new year with the student, teacher and parents is important. Students establish goals that are set forth in an Individual Learning Plan, (ILP). This plan is monitored throughout the year and is shared with the student and parents. Continuous monitoring guides the teacher to the needs of each learner. We believe this collaborative effort of leadership, educators, students and community is important for the success of each student. Teachers are committed to this effort with support and are held individually accountable to the growth and success of each student’s achievement as guided by the mission of HPPA.

    As educators, we ask ourselves the following four questions:

    1. What do we want students to learn and know at each grade level?
    2. How will they learn it?
    3. How will we know they have learned?
    4. What will we do if students already know?

    Assessment is important to performance for success in achieving goals. Building strong character is important part of being successful and is assessed along with the academics throughout the year. Various strategies and forms of assessment are used, documented and shared with each student and parents. Analysis of test data informs teaching and learning. This is how we know that students have learned and are prepared for the next steps of their education journey.

    The classroom teachers instruct core subjects of math, literacy, social studies and science. Specialist teachers of music, physical education, art and Spanish collaborate with classroom teachers to plan instruction that supports learning and activities in the classroom. The school makes provision for students to learn a second language, Spanish, in addition to the language of instruction, English, for grades kindergarten through grade eight. In addition the school supports mother tongue and host country language/culture learning. Students meet for 50 minutes twice a month in their respective culture group, African American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American and Caucasian. Parents are invited to join a learning group of their culture once a month after school hours.

    In order to prosper and grow to greater teaching effectiveness, it is imperative that teachers are provided with value-added learning opportunities to grow as insightful leaders who contribute to this collaborative and cohesive effort. Teachers use insight and strategic planning to foster continued value in their performance with excellence and international-mindedness.

    Parents are very critical to the success of a child’s education. We support open communication and invite families to visit classrooms, to participate in volunteer activities and be a part of this learning community. Behind every successful student there is an involved parent.

    Hazel Park Preparatory Academy is a diverse community of learners. It is our goal to provide all students with the opportunity to an excellent education to become successful, international-minded citizens who are life-long learners.