Meet Ms. Reilly

Kristin Reilly
  • My name is Kristin Reilly and I am thrilled to be a part of Hamline Elementary and the Hamline to Hamline partnership.  My work experience has been woven throughout St. Paul Schools.  I began my career at Dayton’s Bluff Elementary 24 years ago as a third grade teacher.  After seven years in this role, I moved into teaching students with emotional and behavioral challenges.  My experience at Dayton’s Bluff taught me the innate potential of every child.  After leaving Dayton’s Bluff I become a Positive Behavior Intervention Specialist and began working with many schools implementing positive systems of support for all students.  Doing this work taught me the power of cohesive, equitable, and positive systems of support and the impact it can make when we all work together with students needs in the center.

    For the past two years I have had the honor of being Assistant Superintendent Sharon Freeman’s Team Lead.   Working with many different schools, Principals and Leadership Teams offered me a unique experience in learning and growing to become the leader I hope to be.  I am over the moon with excitement to get back in to a school setting, where the students, families, community and teachers partner together to provide the best education possible.