The Mission and Philosophy of the A+ Model

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Four Seasons A+ Elementary School is to build a respectful, successful learning community through art-centered and technology-enhanced practices that develop intelligent behaviors in all students.

    Philosophy Statement

    Schools that work for everyone: teaching in ways that children can learn. By using the arts to provide curriculum and instruction that are integrated, experiential and designed to tap into Multiple Intelligences, A+ schools teach in ways that children learn.

    The A+ program at Four Seasons combines interdisciplinary teaching and daily arts instruction to create a third entity: a powerful learning force that positively affects all students in the school through hands-on, interactive learning experiences.

    The four premises on which an A+ program is based are:

    • Students respond best to interdisciplinary teaching when it involves hands-on, interactive experiences in the classroom that are challenging and enjoyable.
    • The arts build community in diverse classrooms.
    • Students demonstrate learning in a variety of ways.
    • Students gain confidence and are encouraged to explore unfamiliar subject areas when teachers recognize the students' special skills.