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    Because parental support is essential to our students' education, the teachers and staff at our school work to create an environment that is open and inviting to parents.  Parents are welcome to accompany classes on field trips, help out in the classroom during events, and volunteer in other areas of the school including the library.  It is our hope that parents see these volunteer opportunities as a stepping stone to further involvement in their child's education and development.

    Our school welcomes other members of the community to assist in our school, most often through our tutoring program.  Education students from various local colleges are recruited, trained, and supervised by our volunteer coordinator.  Students who need academic support are matched with a tutor for one to four hours a week with an emphasis on consistency and relationship building.  Students look forward to working with a tutor each week and receiving the extra attention.

    If you are interested in volunteering at Dayton’s Bluff, see the Saint Paul Public Schools volunteer guide at or contact our school’s Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

    We encourage all parents to support their student’s education at Dayton’s Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary School.  If you would like to visit your child’s classroom during school without prior notice to the teacher, please do the following:

    1. Report to the main office and get a visitor badge.
    2. Please wait while office staff contacts the teacher.
    3. Withhold any conversation you may have for a teacher to non-instructional time.  Dayton’s Bluff is making sure that we provide your child with high quality instructional practices.  Therefore, we would appreciate it if you would withhold your conversations with teachers during the learning process.  We ask that you make an appointment to talk with the teacher before or after school, or during their lunch or prep time.  At least 24 hours advance notice is customary.

    While Visiting:

    1. Be respectful of student instructional time and work time.
    2. Limit your time to no more than 10 minutes per classroom.  If visiting one classroom, limit your entire visit to 20 total minutes.
    3. To ensure a productive learning environment visits should not exceed one visit per week.
    4. Only three observers are allowed in a classroom at a time.
    5. Do not engage in dialogue or ask classroom teachers questions, unless they initiate it.
    6. Excessive visits or disruptive behavior will result in a conference with the building administrator.

    *Please note that classroom visiting is not allowed during testing.  Please check the school’s newsletter and/or website for testing dates.

    Celebrations are held throughout the year at Dayton’s Bluff.  From Open House at the beginning of the year to several school-wide family events during the year, and the culminating Learning Celebration at the end of the year, student achievement and success are highlighted.  Individual classroom celebrations in Reading, Writing, and Math are also held for students to present their completed pieces of work throughout the school year.