Our Mission, Vision and Values

  • Bruce F. Vento Elementary School:
    Where academic achievement knows no limits.

    Our School educates every student without exception and without excuse, to standard or above in reading, writing, math and science in preparation for college.

    Vento Vision:
    In partnership with our families and community, we are committed to creating a respectful, cooperative and encouraging learning environment that values commonality and diversity and knows no limits to the academic success of each student.

    • Imagine a school where all staff members, parents and students believe that every student will meet or exceed standard and be prepared for college.
    • Imagine a school where staff, community members and parents unite to address challenges head on and accept no excuses.
    • Imagine a school where all students, parents and staff adhere to a code of conduct focused on respect of self, others and the world.

Our School Values

    • Every student will be proficient in reading, writing, math and science.
    • We have an intense, impatient obsession about the academic achievement of every student.
    • Our school can neutralize many of the challenges our students bring to school.
    • Academic results are the first, second and third goal of our school.
    • The teachers and principal value maverick leadership.
    • We accept no excuses for poor effort.