Principal Scott Masini

  • Principal Scott Masini is honored to serve students, parents, community members and staff at Bruce Vento Elementary School.

    Mr. Masini graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education from Mankato State University, he also received a master’s degree and earned his Administrative Licensure from Capella University.

    He has taught grades second, third and fourth and has been a program coordinator for ALC Elementary.

    Mr. Masini continues to take education classes and is a voracious reader on anything that is related to the field.



    When not at Bruce Vento Elementary, Mr. Masini enjoys being in the presence of his family and friends. He likes to read, swim, run, play soccer and most of all coach his daughter in the game he loves.

    Mr. Masini believes that Bruce Vento Elementary is extremely fortunate to have such strong partnerships with multiple organizations in the community.

    "Our students are going to college. We believe this, we honor this and we will do whatever it takes to make this a reality because our mission is to educate every student without exception and without excuse to standard or above in reading, writing, math and science in preparation for college!"