Bruce Vento's Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR) Designation

  • Under Elementary and Secondary Education Act Flexibility, (formerly No Child Left Behind) Minnesota developed an accountability system that is focused on closing the achievement gap and promoting high growth for all students. A Multiple Measurements Rating (MMR) is given to all schools in the state on an annual basis and measures school performance in the areas of proficiency, growth, achievement gap reduction and graduation rates. A second rating, the Focus Rating (FR), is also used to measure a school’s success in reducing achievement gaps between student groups.

    In moving to the newly reauthorized Every Student Succeeds Act signed on December 10, 2015, federal guidance provides for a clear and orderly transition. Minnesota schools' MMR performance for the 2015-16 school year was released at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, continuing as approved accountability system until a new system is in place. Minnesota's accountability system under ESSA will be developed over the course of the 2016-17.

  • October 1, 2014

    Dear Bruce Vento Elementary Families,

    The Minnesota Department of Education recently released their Multiple Measurement Ratings (MMR), an assessment of school progress across the state.

    MMR ranks schools based on: 1) the number of students in each school who are  reaching academic targets for their grade level, 2) how much growth has been made by individual students toward grade-level standards, and 3) the gap between the academic performance of the lowest and highest-performing students in the school. The MMR rating is calculated from each school’s performance on the annual Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) exams. For high schools, the MMR also reflects graduation rates.

    As a result of our MMR rating, Bruce Vento Elementary is designated as a Priority School. Priority Schools are part of the 5 percent lowest performing schools that receive Title I funding. Our school received this designation because of low test scores as reported in the MCA exams. Though I think we can all agree that test scores do not tell the full story of our great school, it is currently the system in which we are judged.

    The 2014-15 school year will be a year to focus on supporting all students to help improve their academic performance and elevate our school’s state designation. In order to accomplish this important work, we will bring together our improvement team, which includes staff, community members and parents. Parents are highly encouraged to be a member of the improvement team. If you are interested, please call me at 651-293-8685. If we can demonstrate significant improvement for the next two years, Bruce Vento Elementary will no longer be designated a Priority School.

    Bruce Vento Elementary is dedicated to providing all students with an excellent education. Please join us in supporting your child’s work in the classroom by talking with your child’s teacher, by attending Parent Academy and by engaging in other opportunities at our school. Our Family Engagement Plan is available on our school’s website at where you’ll also find other ways you can be involved in your child’s education.

    We look forward to a productive year.


    Scott Masini, Principal
    Bruce Vento Elementary School


    Lub Kaum Hli 1, 2014

    Nyob zoo txog Bruce Vento Elementary cov tsev neeg,

    Lub xeev Minixautas fab kev kawm ntawv (Minnesota Department of Education) nyuam qhuav tso tawm lawv tus xeem Multiple Measurement Ratings (MMR), yog ib tug xeem seb cov tsev kawm ntawv nce qib li cas thoob plaws hauv lub xeev. 

    Tus xeem MMR ntsuas cov tsev kawm ntawv raws li: 1) muaj pes tsawg tus tub ntxhais kawm ntawv hauv lub tsev kawm ntawv kawm txog lub hom phiaj rau lawv qib, 2) txhua txhia tus tub ntxhais kawm ntawv kawm nce qib npaum li cas kom mus txog lawv qib-raws li tus qauv, thiab 3) cov tub ntxhais uas kawm tau siab tshaj thiab qis tshaj hauv lub tsev kawm ntawv nrug deb npaum li cas. Tus MMR nov ntaus nqi rau txhua lub tsev kawm ntawv raws li tus xeem Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) uas lub tsev kawm ntawv xeem txhua xyoo. Rau cov tsev kawm ntawv theem siab los sis high schools, tus MMR nov yuav qhia tau hais tias cov kawm tiav yuav coob npaum li cas.

    Raws li kev xeem tau ntawm tus MMR, Bruce Vento Elementary yog ib lub tsev kawm ntawv Priority School. Priority Schools yog ib feem ntawm 5 puas xees cov tsev kawm ntawv kawm tau qis tshaj uas tau txais cov nyiaj Title I. Peb lub tsev kawm ntawv raug nyob li nov vim xeem tau qhab nia qis heev rau tus xeem MCA. Kuv xav hais tias peb txhua tus yuav pom tib yam hais tias qhov uas xeem tau li cas nov yuav tsis qhia txhua yam txog ntawm peb lub tsev kawm ntawv, nws tsuas yog ib txoj kev rau peb muab kev txiav txim siab rau tam sim no xwb.

    Xyoo 2014-15 nov yog ib xyoos ua yuav txhawb txhua tus tub ntxhais kawm ntawv kom lawv kawm tau ntawv thiab daws qhov uas peb lub tsev kawm ntawv raug nyob li nov. Yuav kom ua tau tes hauj lwm tseem ceeb nov tiav, peb yuav coj peb pab neeg txhim kho tuaj ua ke, uas yog cov xib hwb, tswv cuab hauv zej zos thiab niam txiv. Peb xav kom cov niam txiv koom tswv cuab rau hauv pab neeg txhim kho nov. Yog nej txaus siab, thov hu rau kuv ntawm 651-293-8685. Yog peb pab kom kawm tau ntawv zoo rau ob xyoos tom ntej no, Bruce Vento Elementary yuav raug tso tsis ua ib lub Priority School lawm.

    Bruce Vento Elementary yuav mob siab npaj kom txhua tus tub ntxhais tau txoj kev kawm zoo kawg nkaus. Thov nrog peb koom tes txhawb nej tus me nyuam txoj kev kawm los ntawm kev nrog nej tus me nyuam tus xib hwb tham, mus kawm qhov khoos kas Parent Academy uas npaj rau cov niam txiv thiab koom tes rau lwm yam khoos kas uas lub tsev kawm ntawv muaj. Peb tej uas xav tau niam txiv txoj kev pab muaj nyob rau hauv peb lub tsev kawm ntawv lub website, nyob rau hauv no nej kuj yuav pom lwm yam uas nej muaj feem yuav koom tes tau rau nej tus me nyuam txoj kev kawm thiab.
    Peb cia siab ntsoov hais tias xyoo no peb yuav ua tau ntau yam. 

    Los ntawm lub siab dawb paug,

    Scott Masini, Thawj Tswj Fwm Tsev Kawm Ntawv
    Bruce Vento Elementary