Our Kindergarten Classes

students at a desk

    Kindergarten is a year of great growth. Kindergarteners are busy learning about themselves and the world around them. They are wonderful Inquirers, always asking questions. As Kindergarten teachers we will provide routines in which we can engage their creativity and guide their inquiry.

    Your Kindergarten Teachers,

    Ms. Kaufenberg, Ms. Hamey, Ms. Taylor, Mr. Vieth

    Getting School Ready In Minnesota


    Thursday, October 4, parents and family members came to school for our Kindergarten Take Your Parent to School day. We visited the classrooms, experienced Restorative Practices, learned about standards & curriculum, and discussed Executive Function. Below is a link to the video we viewed on Executive Function.


    InBrief: Executive Function: Skills for Life and Learning

Primary Years Programme

Daily Schedule

  • 8:15: Ease Into the Day
    8:50: Morning Meeting
    9:05: Literacy
    11:10: Lunch
    11:50: Recess
    12:10: Math
    1:10: Specialist (Science, Spanish, Gym, Music)
    2:00: Read Aloud and Snack
    2:30 - Closing
    2:50 - Dismissal