Welcome to First Grade!

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  • First Grade, where fun and learning go hand in hand!


    Reader's Workshop: 
    Teachers College Readers Workshop is the literacy curriculum we use to help our students learn reading strategies to become better readers. Reader's Workshop begins with a 10 minute whole group mini lesson focusing on a reading strategy followed by an activity on the focus and 30 minutes of independent reading. Students are given the opportuity to apply what they just learn and demonstrate independent growth by responsibly selecting appropriate reading level books. 

    Writer's Workshop: 
    We also use Teachers College curriculum, Writers Workshop, for writing instruction. It follows the large group mini lesson and independent writing time detailed above. We start the school year with the small moments personal narrative unit where students will explore who they are as writers.

    Everyday Math:
    We will be using the EVERYDAY MATH curriculum which was developed by the University of Chicago School of Mathematics project. Everyday Math uses a broad, rich, and balanced approach in giving our students the skills needed to be successful in math. This year we will also be doing a daily math review using the Five Easy Steps Curriculum. We augment the Everyday Math curriculum with a Math Facts program. Our Math Facts program focuses on assuring students reach automaticity with basic addition and subtraction facts.

    Social Studies and Science: These subjects are integrated into our daily PYP units of study.



Primary Years Programme

Homework Policy

  • 1st grade students are given a weekly homework packet that is sent home with them on Wednesdays.  Students are expected to do one page of homework each night and have the packet completed by the following Tuesday and brought back at that time.  Students are also expected to read to an adult, or older sibling, each night for 20-30 minutes. 

    The reason behind reading to an adult is so they can check from comprehension.  Each student (unless they are working with a Reading Recovery teacher) has been given a book bag to take between school and home each day.  Students check their book bag in with the teacher and then change out books in the leveled library so they are reading books at their specific reading level.

Daily Schedule

  • 8:30-8:50: Morning Meeting
    8:50-9:20: Skills Block
    9:20-10:20: Reader's Workshop
    10:20-11:10: Writer's Workshop
    11:10-11:30: Recess
    11:30-11:55: Lunch
    11:55-12:20: Read Aloud/Library
    12:20-1:10: Specialist
    1:10-1:25: Shared Reading
    1:25-2:40: Math
    2:40-2:50: Closing/Dismissal