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    Dear Families:


    Thank you for your recent attendance at Fall Conferences.  Approximately 95% of our families met with classroom teachers to discuss progress. We offer other opportunities throughout the year to visit our school. Bring Your Child to School days and monthly PTO meetings are a great way to discuss curriculum and how best to help at home. We do send out text message reminders, and events are listed on our website.


    Winter has come early to Minnesota. Fall was chilly, and the temperatures continue to drop. Saint Paul Public Schools uses the National Weather Service (NWS) wind chill chart to determine whether recess will be held outside. Wind chill is the temperature it feels like on your skin when the wind is blowing. The stronger the wind, the colder it feels. Beginning this winter, schools will keep students inside if the wind chill is expected to be colder than -10 degrees below zero. Regardless of the wind chill, students who do not have the appropriate winter clothing will not be able to participate in outdoor recess. Please remember to send your child with a warm jacket, hat, mittens and boots. Also, check our lost and found if your child left something back at school. We often have many clothing items in the buckets. Follow these guidelines if your child rides the bus:


    3 Ways to Stay Safe Around School Buses in the Snow

    Winter weather can create a challenging commute and dangerous conditions. Share these tips with your child if they use a school bus to get to and from school. Depending on many factors, bus routes may run late on the way to school, after school and for after school programs.

    1. Students should wait a safe distance for the bus.
      • Students should be at the bus stop five minutes before scheduled pickup We don't want the buses and students moving at the same time on slick roads and sidewalks
      • Parents should discourage their children from standing on snow banks while waiting for the bus. Students might be standing on snow banks on the side of the road, making them susceptible to slipping and falling into the street
      • Students should wait for the bus to come to a complete stop
      • If your bus stop is on a steep hill, some buses might not be able to drive to the bus stop. If there is a hill at your child’s bus stop, call the school to arrange a more accessible bus stop.
      • Due to our earlier start time, it may be dark when your child is waiting for the bus. Remind your child to stay on the sidewalk and leave plenty of room for cars to pass.
    1. Dress warm waiting for late buses, be mindful of time.
    • Students should dress warm when waiting at the bus stop (snow pants, gloves, scarves, ear muffs, etc)
    • Parents should call their child’s school to determine if their school bus is late; contact information is available on each school's website
    • Students should wait 20 minutes for their bus. But parents should use their judgment when allowing their child to wait for the bus past the scheduled time, especially during cold weather.
    1. Drivers should stay safely away from school buses, be alert.
    • Motorists should keep at least a 7-second distance behind school buses while driving on the road. Buses stop frequently to pick up and drop off students, so motorists should be prepared to stop
    • Drivers should be aware when a bus is stopped because students may be coming from different directions across the street
    • Use caution near bus stops as children may be standing on snow banks where they could slip and fall into the street

    Please feel free to call or stop in with any concerns or questions regarding the district winter plan. I hope to see everyone at our upcoming winter concert on Tuesday, December 19th. We will offer two concerts – 12:45 and 5:30.


    Barbara J. Evangelist






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