Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Andrastek, John Assistant Principal 651-293-8950
Andrews, Adayle Librarian
Austin, Amy Social Worker
Bacskai, Andrew English Teacher
Ball, Carrie Speech Pathologist
Beaumaster, Alicia ELA & Reading Teacher
Bettino, Dan Social Studies -Spanish Immersion
Blomquist, Kelly Special Education LD Teacher
Boesel, Greg Science Teacher
Carow, Jill Special Education LD Teacher
Carroll, Camila EL Teacher
Connelly, Patrick Math Teacher
Cossetta, Natalie Special Education DCD Teacher
Czech, Lisa Tech Support 651-744-3457
Dávila, Camila Spanish Immersion - Social Studies
Elliott, Julie Art Teacher
Fálcon, Eli Math - Spanish Immersion
Franklin, Carissa School Social Worker
Freeman, Melissa English Teacher
Gollon, Robert English Teacher
Harambasic, Deah Chinese Teacher
Harrison, Ellen Science Teacher
Hartman, Amanda ELA Teacher
Hoff, Charlene Principal 651-293-8950
Hoheisel, Rachel Humanities - Spanish Immersion
Husak, Patrice Math Teacher
Jones, Linda Spanish Teacher
Jung, Mandi Science Teacher
Katzmarek, Nou School Counselor 651-744-3400
Kim, Young Phy. Ed. Teacher
King, Kristin English Teacher
Klatt, Emily Social Worker
Lin-Celeste, Patty Mandarin Immersion - Science
Lux, Jessica School Nurse 651-744-3401
Mahoney, Julie Special Education DCD Teacher
Martin, Rory Special Education LD Teacher
McLaughlin, Anita Band and Orchestra Teachers
Migely, Jim Social Studies
Mohamed, Hibaq Assistant Principal 651-293-8950
Mulvaney, Elisabeth School Counselor 651-744-3399
Nelson, Nancy Humanities Teacher
Olson, Tom ISS EA
Perez, Elisabeth (Liz) EBD Teacher
Pradas Ten, MariAn EL Teacher
Propson, Rachel French Teacher
Ramos, Megan Spanish Immersion
Rhoades, Ian English Teacher
Richardson, John Special Education EA
Robl, Melissa Office Clerk
Rogalla, Leon History Teacher
Rosales, Sarah Science Teacher
Sell, Amanda Science - Spanish Immersion
Skovholt, Iztchel Spanish Immersion - Math
Springer, Matthew Spanish Teacher
Steenberg, Chris Phy Ed - Athletic Director
Swanberg, Beth Choir & Music Production Teacher
Swenson, Tami Lead Clerk
Tesar, Susan English Teacher
Timmer, Shannon Science Teacher
Treichel, Laura Phy. Ed. and Health Teacher
VanDassor, Leah English Teacher
Veverka, Nancy Assistant Principal 651-293-8950
Walker, Jean Math Teacher
Whitney, Rachel Math Teacher
Wise, Michelle FACS Teacher
Wolff, Marilyn Cafeteria Supervisor
Zhang, Jiamei Mandarin Immersion
Zuerlein, Gabrielle Special Education - EBD