Second Grade

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  • Welcome: As the Second Grade team, we welcome you to our page!  We work hard to prepare the second graders for third grade, and beyond, by making sure each child is taught at or above the MN Standards.  This year it is our mission to ensure everyone has a year and a half of growth in literacy and math.

    Our Primary Years Programme Units: 

    Who We Are

    Where We Are In Place And Time

    • Central Idea: Leaders connect with local and global communities.

    How We Organize Ourselves

    • Central Idea: Humans produce goods and supply services that are exchanged.

    How We Express Ourselves

    • Central Idea: The arts communicate an understanding of the world around us.

    How The World Works

    • Central Idea: Humans and environmental factors impact animal habitats.

    Sharing The Planet

    • Central Idea: Plants are a life-sustaining resource for us and for other living things.

    Reader's Workshop: During Reader's Workshop we use flexible grouping to meet the needs of each student. Our MLL teachers, work closely with us for reading, to meet the needs of all students.  We use leveled readers, Mondo Bookshop, and multiple copies of chapter books as resources for our reading program.

    Writer's Workshop: Our Writing Units of Study are:  Writing Experts Books, Small Moment Stories, Product and Place Reviews, Social Studies and Science Research, Realistic Fiction, Book Recommendations, All About Books, and Poetry
    Everyday Math & Math Review: This year second grade is adding to our Everyday Math curriculum.  We are working in a review process called Math Review, as well as a Basic Facts math program.  This math review will take us deeper into childrens misconceptions and help us identify holes in their learning and where they need to be filled in.  
    Social Studies and Science: These subjects are integrated into our daily PYP units of study, and our Inquiry Specialist sees our students twice a week.

    2016-2017 School Supply List

students in reading group

Primary Years Programme

Homework Policy

  • Second grade students have homework nightly Monday through Thursday. In addition they are encouraged to read nightly for at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

    This should be easy and comfortable reading that can be done independently and will help improve their fluency and comprehension.

    Thanks for supporting your child's education.

Daily Schedule

  • 8:15-8:35: Breakfast
    8:35-8:55: Morning Meeting
    8:55-10:25: Math
    10:25-10:45: Read Aloud
    10:45-11:10: Lunch
    11:10-11:40: Recess
    11:40-12:40: Reading
    12:40-1:10: Reading Skills
    1:10-1:45: Writing
    1:45-2:00: Closing/Snack
    2:00-2:50: Specialist
    2:50: Dismissal