Ramsey School Student Policies

  • Student Policies

    Locker Policy

    In an effort to create more structure throughout Ramsey, and to increase safety and security, all Ramsey students are expected to place all personal belongings in their lockers and only carry the necessities for class.  These items are allowable in student lockers: backpacks, purses, hand bags, drawstring bags, jackets, winter wear (gloves, hats, scarves, etc.) textbooks, school supplies and personal needs.  Students are expected to learn their locker combination and not share their locker combination with others.

    Backpack Policy

    Backpacks can be used to carry belongings to and from school. During the school day backpacks, bags, draw string bags, belt packs (fanny packs)  and/or purses must be stored in student lockers and will not be allowed in classrooms, gym, hallways or cafeteria during the school day. 

    Student Dress Code

    Student clothing should not present a danger to student’s health or safety, interfere with learning or create classroom distractions. Students should wear school appropriate, properly fitting clothing to school. 

    The following items may not be worn to school:

    • Clothing with profanity and/or inappropriate slogans/images
    • Revealing clothing 
    • Coats, jackets, gloves (during the school day - may be worn to and from school)

    Students who fail to comply with the school’s dress code policy will be given an opportunity to correct the matter. Refusals and repeat occurrences may result in parent contact and/or other consequences.

    Electronics Policy

    Ramsey Middle School requests that student use of personal electronics (e.g., cell phones, cameras, tablets, iPods, headphones/AirPods and other electronic equipment) be limited to before and after school. During times of acceptable use at school, earbuds/ headphones may be used per Teacher/Staff direction.  During the school day, personal electronic equipment must be stored away. Students who choose to bring personal electronic devices to school, do so at their own risk. Ramsey Middle School will not be responsible for damaged, lost, missing or stolen items. 

    Tardy Policy

    It is important that students arrive on time to each of their classes daily.  When students are on time to class they are demonstrating that they are ready to learn in community.   Teachers will work with students around  arrival time class norms.  When students have excessive tardies the counselors and grade level intervention specialists will work together to devise a plan to help the student get to class on time (e.g., check in check out, monitor slip, etc.).

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  • Ramsey iPad Policies

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