Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Ali, Samina Counselor 651-744-5996
Alland, Eric Special Education ASD 651-744-3613
Archie, Leshon English Teacher 651-744-3630
Armstrong, Susan Health Teacher 651-744-3675
Ayala, Rebecca Special Education TA - ASD 651-744-3613
Bianco-Howard, Mimi Special Education EBD 651-774-3619
Borgeson, Lori Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3646
Boyt, John English Teacher 651-744-3626
Brookins, Dorene Parent Involvement/Project Coordinator 651-744-3604
Bross, Don Physical Education Teacher 651-744-3662
Burris, Sierra English Teacher 651-744-8280
Buzicky, Joe Science Teacher 651-744-4440
Cahalan, Natalie English Teacher 651-744-3622
Cantu, Kimberly Spanish Teacher 651-744-3684
Cobbins, KeAndria Special Education TA - EBD 651-744-6264
Colchin, Eric Science Teacher 651-744-3671
Combs, DeWayne Boys' Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher 651-744-6716
Cuddy, Michael Social Studies Teacher 651-744-3679
Dahedl, Brad Special Education - EBD Teacher 651-744-6264
Davis, Kevin Assistant Principal (S-Z) 651-744-3593
Delain, Robert Science Teacher 651-744-3673
Dressel, Steve Social Studies Teacher 651-744-3385
Durand, James Social Worker 651-744-3611
Durand, Michelle School Nurse 651-744-1235
Eddy-Boudet, Julie French Teacher 651-744-3635
Eicher, Lisa Social Worker 651-744-3610
Ensign, Amy English Teacher 651-744-3623
Eschenbacher, John Counselor (I-Q) 651-744-3597
Evans, James Teacher - ELL 651-744-3316
Faust, Christine Library EA 651-744-5291
Ferguson, Anthony Special Education TA - Aspire 651-744-3612
Fischbach, John Special Education - EBD Teacher 651-744-3618
Fischbach, Mark Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3654
Fisher, Mark English Teacher 651-744-3625
Fitzel, Tyler Science Teacher 651-744-3670
Ford, Deon Senior Aerospace Science Instructor AFROTC 651-744-3706
Freeman, Ann Special Education - LD 651-744-3689
Freund, Janet Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3641
Goetz, Wendy Aerospace Science Instructor 651-744-6457
Gust, Roxanne Cafeteria Supervisor 651-744-3725
Hart, Lillian Mathematics Teacher 651-744-2444
Hedges, Caryn Special Education/Autism Teacher 651-744-3612
Helmen, Leslie Spanish Teacher 651-744-3685
Her, Pang Ter English Teacher 651-744-4849
Irwin, Nicole Special Education TA - ASD 651-744-3612
Jagusch, Andrea Special Education Social Worker 651-744-3362
Johnson, Jill Aerospace and Engineering Coach 651-744-1336
Justice, Michael Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3603
Kane, Logan Social Studies Teacher 651-744-3667
Kearney-Coborn, Shannon English Teacher 651-744-3631
Kleven, Laura Science Teacher 651-744-3639
Klocke-Salminen, Kari Visual Arts Teacher 651-744-3692
Koelfgen, Lisa Chemical Health 651-744-3590
Kong, Chao Hmong Translator 651-744-3727
Kozan, Anita Speech Pathology 651-744-4102
Kraushaar, Maureen English Teacher 651-744-3665
Krug, Cynthia Special Education Teacher - LD 651-744-4447
Kuhn, Angela Science Teacher 651-744-3672
Leciejewski, Anthony Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3650
Ledman, Andrew Social Studies Teacher 651-744-3674
Lindfors, Jamie Science Teacher 651-744-3154
Lo, Theavy Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3647
Lor, Song Counselor (Vb-Z) 651-744-3595
Love, Stephanie Family and Consumer Science Teacher 651-744-3633
Lozano, Ray Spanish Translator 651-744-3728
Lucca, Ben Health Teacher 651-744-3636
Maloney, Karen Special Education EA 651-744-3620
Manson, Emily Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher 651-744-8366
May, Alexis Social Studies Teacher 651-744-3681
McDonald, Mitch Social Studies Teacher 651-744-3677
McDonough, Elaine Special Education/LD Teacher 651-744-3688
McKenna, Jill English Teacher 651-744-3624
Mikesell, Neil Special Education TA
Mikhaylov, Shanta Special Education/LD Teacher 651-744-3620
Montgomery, Sonja English Teacher 651-744-3686
Mukasa, Victoria Special Education/ DCD Teacher 651-744-3873
Nelson, Chris Social Studies Teacher 651-744-3678
Nelson, Crystal Social Studies Teacher 651-744-5525
Nelson, Melody English Teacher 651-744-4105
Newman, Dorinda Special Education EA 651-744-3614
Nolen, Kathrine Special Education/MSMI Teacher 651-744-3656
Norby, David Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3643
Nurnberg, Jennifer Special Education TA - EBD 651-744-4857
Oberpriller, Marni Visual Arts Specialist 651-744-4544
Olvera, Allan English Teacher 651-744-3602
Opichka, Jeff Industrial Technologies Teacher 651-744-3638
Ormsby, Elizabeth Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3651
Ostertag, Laura French Teacher 651-744-3848
Other Medicine, Nicole Indian Education 651-744-4094
Pagel, Candy Counselor (A-H) 651-744-3598
Pantizke, Rachel Media Specialist 651-744-6516
Perez, Andrea Special Education - EBD TA 651-744-3618
Person, Anne Marie Music/Band Teacher 651-744-3659
Plaschko, Jeff Physical Education Teacher 651-744-3699
Pluta, Debbie Special Education EA - ASD 651-744-3656
Power-Theisen, Molly English Teacher 651-744-3632
Randall, James Mathematics Teacher 651-744-2312
Revak, Amy Special Education - LD
Roozen, Robbie Special Education - MSMI Teacher 651-744-3658
Ryan, Tara Special Education - EBD 651-744-4857
Sajevic, Sue Girls' Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher 651-744-3661
Saunders, Greg Industrial Arts/CADD 651-744-3637
Schmitz, Paul English Teacher/Curriculum Coordinator 651-744-3617
Seibert, Maureen Assistant Principal (K-R) 651-744-3168
Shaffer, Scott SIM Lab and Physics Teacher
Smith, Matt Technology Coordinator 651-744-3711
Stuhl, Nicole ELL Teacher 651-744-2562
Swanson, Kelly Social Studies Teacher 651-744-3680
Taylor, Stephen Assistant Principal (A-J) 651-744-2857
Thaney, Jennifer Special Education TA - EBD 651-744-6264
Thompson, Micheal Principal 651-744-3582
Tufte, Jon Special Education TA - EBD 651-744-4857
Tuggle, Susan Special Education - LD Teacher 651-744-3690
Vang, Lily Athletics Secretary 651-744-3585
Vang, Lou Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3648
Voigt, Mary Social Studies Teacher 651-744-3669
Werling, Cheryl Science Teacher
Westcott, Theresa Music Teacher 651-744-3660
Williams, Anthony Special Education EA - ASD 651-744-3658
Windnagel, Ned Science Teacher 651-744-3640
Winegar, Denice Science Teacher 651-744-3642
Witzmann, John Mathematics Teacher 651-744-3645
Wohlers, Mandy Social Worker 651-744-3609
Wright, Saladin Special Education TA - ASD 651-744-3873
Xiong, Yia Special Education - EA
Yang, Ker Counselor (R-Va) 651-744-3596