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grade five
  • 2016-2017 School Supply List

    IB Units: Our IB units are a great way for students to research information on topics they find interesting. Within each unit, students learn about multiple events and then choose what they want to learn.  Then they make a plan, conduct the research, and present what they've learned in a way that they also choose. These student-based projects are a great way for our inquirers to work together and pursue their interests.

    Reader's Workshop:  We are using Lucy Calkins' Units of Study.  Through this program, students are able to target their reading skills to gain a deeper understanding and skill set in their fiction and non-fiction reading.  They develop the use of several transferrable strategies that they can use for any book they read as they continue in school.  They work to develop comprehension, fluency, note-taking, inferring, synthesizing, and questioning skills.  They also work on strategies to be able to go back into a text and find text-based evidence to support their claims.

    Writer's Workshop: Our Writing Units are connected to our IB units of study. Students will writie biographies, research papers, write narratives about themselves, and opinion-based essays.  Students learn how to use text to support their claims, and to balance the claims of others with their own research and ideas.

    Math: Students will receive both large-group and small-group instruction during math. The small-group work will allow more focused instruction for students, and they will be able to work on their skills with the teacher, on their iPad, in their notebook, and using manipulatives.

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