Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Dr. Carlondrea Hines Principal
Aaron Liebo English/ELA
Adriana Lere Foundations & Seminar
Alysha Balbo World Language-Spanish
Andy Blenkush ELA
Arielle Goebel Foundations & Seminar
Steven Yang Physical Education & Health
Benjamin Lacina Program Manager
Benjamin Stock Science
Beth Busey Special Education
Brandon Mitchell Media Arts
Caleb Chisholm Mathematics
Carolyn Ocampo Science
Cornelius Rish Theater Arts
Damion Smith Psychologist
David Billingsley Music
Susan Williams Social Studies
Edward Xiong Counselor
Emily Punyko Mathematics
Erika Meier Special Education
Jackie Rogalski School Counselor
Jean Dunfee Attendance Clerk
Jennifer Carroll Reading
Jessica Matson Special Education
Jessica Weller English Language Arts
John Hallman Visual Art
Jonathan "J.R." Gardner Mathematics
Kara Noble Dance
Karen Evans School Nurse
Kate Swenson ELL
Katie Corrigan HS English Language Arts
Kristen Lynch Assistant Principal
Kristy Foss Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Lee Vang Family Liaison
Linda White Clerk
Lorraine Schwartzrock Speech/Language
Marie Hydukovich Media Specialist
Mark Newstrand Head Engineer
Mary Fran Schwartz Special Education Lead
Matthew Anderson Mathematics
Melissa Bouchier-Kubousek Special Education
Mono Ouk Computer Tech
Paul Ruble Social Studies
Rachel Collis Science
Randy Schutt Visual Arts
Renee Hauwiller Social Worker
Richard Anderson History and Social Studies
Siri Keller Music
Shane O'Reilly Literacy Coach
Sharon Stone School Improvement
Teresa Glass Occupational Therapist
Xia Lyfoung Guidance Tech
Nutrition Services Supervisor
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