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    Creative Arts Secondary School is a community of artists, grades 6 through 12, learning and growing together. Together with an incredibly talented staff, our school brings the arts and academics to students in rigorous and authentic ways.

Name Title Email
Alison Ludwig Mathematics
Amanda Barbian Math Corp
Andy Blenkush ELA
Aquanetta Anderson Nutrition Services Supervisor
Arielle Goebel AVID, Foundations, Seminar, AVID Coordinator
Ben Gualtieri Instrumental Music & Technology Teacher on Special Assignment
Benjamin Stock Science
Brian Baxter Physical Education & Health
Brooke Derrickson Special Education
Caleb Chisholm Mathematics
Charles Cornelius Special Education
Darrell Baggenstoss Digital Music and Arts Integration Coach
David Talarico Math Corp
Eboni Bell Middle School Counselor
Ella Raush English Language Arts
Eric Swan Library Media Specialist
Guillermo Maldonado Perez Assistant Principal
Hannah Fillipiak ESL
Harper Atchison Choir Teacher
Jessica Early Speech Pathologist
Jessica Matson Special Education
Jessica Weller English Language Arts
Jonathan "J.R." Gardner Mathematics
Jonathan Coon Social Studies
Kara Noble Dance & Theater
Karen Evans School Nurse
Kate Swenson ELL
Katie Corrigan HS English Language Arts
Kayla Schmidt Social Worker
Kristen Lynch Principal
Kristin Lindgren Special Education
Linvy Thein MLL EA
Mark Newstrand Head Engineer
Maya Benford High School Counselor
Monica Hynds Social Studies
Mono Ouk Computer Tech
Nancie Whitesell Lead Clerk
Rachel Collis Science
Randy Schutt Visual Arts
Rebecca Ayala Special Education
Renee Hauwiller Social Worker
Ross Winberg Science
Sarah Hoverson Business
Susan Van Voorhis Social Studies
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