Ms. Locke

  • Lake Life

    Hello all!  I feel so excited and grateful to be teaching first grade at Capitol Hill!  I love first graders’ curiosity and love for learning.  I also love that six and seven-year-olds have such a beautiful view of the world at this age! 

    Using Social, Emotional Learning (SEL), I work hard to create a classroom where students feel safe to express themselves as uniquely as possible in order to acquire skills for making strong, positive relationships. I also strive to encourage kids to recognize their feelings and emotions so that they can make responsible decisions in and out of the classroom.  Additionally, we use SEL to acquire social awareness as well as self-management skills by implementing various strategies including Yoga Calm, Go Noodle, mindfulness, and Responsive Classroom practices. 

    I am originally from Wisconsin and went to UW-Eau Claire for elementary education.  I have studied and worked in schools in Houston Texas, Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Milwaukee Public Schools.  I received my Masters in Holistic Health Studies from St. Kate's! I find great value in learning about the whole child and how to recognize that all aspects of a child’s life have an importance in the development and success of that student.

    In addition to my passion for working with kids, I love to be with my family at the cabin or trying new food around the Twin Cities.  My husband, Ryan,  and I have a dog named Zoey and a cat named Keela I love coffee, dark chocolate, saving the bees by eating local honey, painting, cooking, developing my green thumb, and learning! Traveling is MY FAVORITE hobby!

    My happiness is exploring, creating, imagining, and playing with first graders, and so, I am looking forward to another fun, memorable school year! <3