Golf - Boys and Girls

  • Description of sport: Competitive golf for boys and girls.  Everyone is welcome -- no experience required.

    Where to go for more Information: Athletic Director, Gerry Keenan @ (651)744-3236

    Length of season: Practice begins Monday, March 20, 2017 (but if you miss the first day it's not too late to join!)  The regular season ends Tuesday, May 16,  but Conference and State competitions go into June (See Key Dates below)

    Practice times: Practices are everyday after school.  The weather will indicate where we practice and for how long.  

    • If it's nice outside (45˚ or above, and not rainy/windy/snowy): We'll be at Phalen Golf Course and practices will last until about 4:00 pm.  However, some days of practice we’ll spend playing the course (depending on availability of tee times). On those days, we’ll usually be done with practice around 4:30 – 5:00
    • If it is not nice outside: Practices are held at the Goodrich Golf Dome in Maplewood, where we rent out the practice stalls for an hour.

    Competitions: Meets are after school and are held at St. Paul Public Golf Courses(Highland, Highland National, Como, Phalen).  Boys meets/matches are generally on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Girls meets/matches are generally on Mondays & Wednesdays. 

    Eligibility requirements: Grade 9-12. Meet MSHSL and Saint Paul Public School District Eligibility Requirements.

    Costs and/or needed equipment: Participation fee is $55 ($20 if on free/reduced lunch).  Tennis shoes* and maybe a golf glove.  

    • If you have your own set of clubs, that’s great!  If you do not have your own set of clubs, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty for you! 
    • It helps to have a golf glove for your non-dominant hand (right-handed players will typically wear a glove on their left hand).
    • You’ll be provided a polo shirt and pullover jacket to wear when we have matches.
    • Usually khaki pants/shorts are preferred for matches as well (unless you want to look like this guy:

     *You don't need "golf" shoes.  Your sneakers are fine.



    Monday, March 21: First day of practice.

    April 2 – April 10: Spring Break


    Wednesday, April 13: Nine-Hole tournament @ Highland Park National

    Wednesday, April 20: Dual Match Tournament @ Phalen

    Wednesday, April 27: Dual Match Tournament @ Como Park


    Tuesday, May 3: vs. Highland @ Highland Park National

    Thursday, May 5: vs. Central @ Highland Park National

    Tuesday, May 10: vs. Johnson @ Phalen

    Thursday, May 12: vs. Humboldt @ Thompson Oaks 

    Tuesday, May 17: vs. Como Park @ Phalen


    Monday, May 23: 18-hole Conference Tournament @ Phalen (7:30 AM)

    Thursday, May 26: Top 12 and ties from Monday May 23 @ Phalen (1:00 PM)


Team Calendar