Golf - Boys and Girls

  • Description of sport: 
    Competitive golf for boys and girls.  Open to all, no experience necessary.   A great way to get outside, enjoy walks in great surroundings -- all while learning a new sport (or perfecting one you already know) and meeting new friends.

    Where to go for more Information: 
    Athletic Director, Kathy Jackson (651)744-2479

    Length of season: 
    Practice begins March 19, 2018.  The season ends around May 22, 2018, but Conference and State competitions go into June.

    Practice times: 
    Practices run from 2:15 p.m. until about 4:15 during the season -- it can go longer if we are practicing by playing a round (9 holes) of golf. 

    Practice location: 
    Early in the season (when it is cold and snowy) practices are held at the Midwest Golf Dome in Maplewood. Once the weather gets nice we move our practices over to Phalen Golf Course

    Meets are after school and are held at St. Paul Public Golf Courses (Highland, Highland National, Como, Phalen).  Boys meets/matches are generally on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Girls meets/matches are generally on Mondays & Wednesdays. 

    Eligibility requirements: 
    Grade 9-12. Meet MSHSL and Saint Paul Public School District Eligibility Requirements.

    Costs and/or needed equipment: 
    Participation fee is $55 ($20 if on free/reduced lunch).  Tennis shoes* and maybe a golf glove. We can supply clubs so don't worry if you don't have any.   

    *You don't need "golf" shoes.  Your sneakers are fine.





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