History of Grants Received

  • Listed below are grants obtained by Horace Mann School through the efforts of the Grant Committee working closely with the school staff.  Thanks to all the funding organizations for making such vital contributions to enhance student learning at our school.

    Best Buy TEACH Grant: 2007-2008, $2,000 for digital cameras for the Media Arts program.

    Target Field Trip Grant: 2007-2008 $1,000 grant from Target that provided funds for the 5th and 6th graders to participate in the Walker Writing through the Arts program.

    Saint Paul Literacy Grant 2007-2008 $1,300 to fund an author visit from Nancy Carlson (joint with Highland Park Elementary).

    Wellness Grant 2007-2008 $500 to support the Wellness Council’s efforts including a Hip Hop Assembly and 5-Minute Energizers Curriculum.

    City of St. Paul Neighborhood STAR Grant: 2005-2006, $60,000 for the Horace Mann School Playground Renovation Project. This project will include drainage improvement of the playground and playfield, playfield resurfacing, playground equipment upgrades, and improvement in community access through the installation of benches, bike racks, picnic tables and landscaping. This project will be matched by $60,720 from combined sources including the Horace Mann School PTA, the St. Paul School District, and from numerous school and neighborhood volunteers.

    Best Buy Te@ch Award: 2005-2006, $2,500 for the purchase of 10 digital cameras for technology classes.

    Star Tribune Imagination Fund: 2004-2005, $1,000 for take-home reading backpacks to support home literacy.

    Arts25: (St. Paul School District): 2003-2004, $5,000 to enhance arts education in all grades.  The arts organization C.O.M.P.A.S. will be partnering with the Mann community to provide hands on art experiences for students and in-service training for teachers on the theme of global arts.  The project will culminate in a school-wide multicultural arts event in the spring.

    Best Buy te@ch Award:  2003-2004, $2,500 grant to recognize schools and teachers who are integrating interactive technology into the classroom.  We will use the money at Horace Mann School to purchase another computer and more classroom software to fully implement the Earobics Literacy Launch reading program in all K-2 classrooms.

    Star Tribune Imagination Fund:  2003-2004, $952 to purchase leveled reading books to support classroom reading instruction in grades K-1.  These books will be available on a mobile book cart which can be wheeled between classrooms.

    Keats Foundation Minigrant:  2003-2004, $350 for a project to explore the use of art in storytelling.  During library time, students will learn about the history and use of the story cloth in other cultures, and then create one for each grade.

    Ecolab Foundation: 2002-2003,  $4,460 to enhance K-1 literacy efforts.  Money is to fund the purchase of three computer work stations and new software called Earobics Literacy Launch. 

    Challenge Every Child:  2002-2003, $2,150 to purchase a set of graphing calculators for use with students in grades 2-6 and in the gifted and talented program.

    3M Ingenuity Grant:  2002-2003, $3,445 to purchase measuring equipment and other supplies to enhance the science curriculum for grades 3-6.

    Gifted Services Minigrant:  2002-2003, $1,000 to enhance the 4th grade Mini-Society curriculum.