School Profile

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  • Students Are Learning At Horace Mann School…

    A comprehensive curriculum of reading, writing, mathematics, and social studies is taught by homeroom teachers. Vocal and instrumental music arts are taught by artists-in-residence under teacher supervision and reinforced through field trips and other experiences. Science, physical education, and visual arts are taught by teacher-specialists. Our staff challenge, engage and encourage students. We teach to develop creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and skilled reading.
    In addition, Horace Mann School offers...

    • An embedded, schoolwide approach for students identified as Gifted & Talented
    • a half-time English Language Learning specialist
    • Full-day Kindergarten classes
    • On-site programs and specialists for those with special needs

     ...And We Can Prove It

    On state and district-required standardized tests, student scores from Horace Mann School are consistently among the highest in the St. Paul School District and the state of Minnesota. 

    The Benefits Of Being A Small School

    Horace Mann School offers two or three homerooms per grade level (K-5). Our school's size means that every child is known by the staff and receive personalized attention on a first-name basis. Recent educational research has determined a clear, positive relationship between small school size and improved student achievement.  A report released in September 2001 by the University of Minnesota Center for School Change found that "smaller schools provide many benefits -- achievement, attendance, graduate rates, and behavior all tend to be better in small schools" (Nathan and Febey, "Smaller, Safer, Saner Successful Schools," p.9).

    Academic Enrichment

    Horace Mann School has a variety of programs to enrich its regular curriculum.  For example, students have the opportunity:

    • to cultivate an understanding and appreciation for art through the Art Adventure program;
    • to participate in various district and statewide competitions, such as Lego Robotics or Math Masters; and
    • to cap their elementary school experience with a week-long character-building field trip at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center (grade 5).

    Extracurricular Activities

    Horace Mann School also offers programs serving children after the regular school day.

    • Discovery Club is available on site and offers extended day programming before and after school for working families. 
    • Teachers provide additional academic support after school two afternoons per week through the Extended Day for Learning (EDL) program. Busing is available for those children who need it.
    • Interested students may participate in Community Education classes like Legos and Engineering, Creative Arts, and languages like Spanish or Chinese.
    • The school has an active PTA which sponsors community-building events, such as the Spring Carnival and Family Volunteer Service night. These events provide families a marvelous opportunity to get to know one another and have fun together.


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