Tour Horace Mann School

  • Weekly tours for Horace Mann School are conducted by parent/guardian volunteers between November and February during school hours.

    Why should I tour?

    • The purpose of our tours is to help families make the best decision before the enrollment deadline.
    • Through the years, we've learned that it's most helpful for families to tour the year before a child enters Kindergarten.
    • Since our purpose is to help families decide to enroll, we do not conduct tours after acceptance letters are mailed. Families should tour before elementary applications are due.

    When are tours?

    • The tour schedule is posted on the right.
    • If your family moves into the community school zone before October or after February, please contact our school office (651-293-8965) to discuss your options.

    What do tours include?

    • A walkthrough of the entire facility
    • A short visit to at least one classroom of each grade level and specialists
    • Knowledgeable guides who can answer questions
    • Review of the enrollment and acceptance process
    • Tours do not include extended observations or shadowing.

    How do I enroll my child?

    • If you wish to enroll in Horace Mann School, every NEW student must have a completed application.
    • Contact the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3700 for an application or click here.
    • Applications are due in February for the coming school year.
    • If your child is accepted to Horace Mann, the Student Placement Center will notify your family by early April.

    Thank you for your interest in Horace Mann School.

    • Please be sure to check through the rest of our website to find information on curriculum and instruction, classsroom activities, school events, and much, much more!

2019-20 Tour Schedule

  • Tours begin at 8:15 a.m. Sign up by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

    • Thurs, Nov 14 FULL
    • Tues, Nov 19 
    • Tues, Dec 3 FULL
    • Thurs, Dec 12 FULL
    • Tues, Dec 17 
    • Thurs, Jan 9  FULL
    • Tues, Jan 14 FULL
    • Thurs, Jan 23
    • Tues, Jan 28
    • Thurs, Feb 6
    • Tues, Feb 11
    • Thurs, Feb 13

    We conclude our tours near the enrollment deadline which is February 28, 2020.

  • Our tour guides this year are all parent volunteers with a wealth of experience.


    • Jen Petit has been at our school 6 years and has children in 5th and 10th grades. She is touring on November 14, December 3 & 17, January 28, and February 13.
    • Kate Walter has been here 6 years and has children in 3rd and 5th grades. She is touring on November 19; December 12 & 17; January 9, 14, & 23; and February 6 & 11.
    • Scott McMahon has been here 6 years and has children in 3rd and 5th grades. He is touring on November 19, December 3, January 9 & 28, and February 11.
    • Karie Johnson has been here 10 years and has children in 4th, 7th, & 9th grades. She is touring on November 14, December 12, January 14 & 23, and February 6 and 13.