Classrooms At Horace Mann School

Flowers in front of Horace Mann Elementary
  • There's a lot of learning taking place at Horace Mann School!  It's not possible without our dedicated staff members. Take a moment to click through their classroom pages to familiarize yourself with the staff.


    Horace Mann School is a K-5 elementary school nestled in St. Paul's Highland Park community. It is known for academic excellence, an involved family community, and  & development focused on individual student needs. As a  learning community where high expectations for every child are nurtured in a caring and supportive environment -- the school is respected for its exceptional teaching staff, test scores among the highest in the district and state, and enrichment opportunities.  Horace Mann is a friendly, caring, and safe environment for learning and enjoys the enthusiastic support of committed families who participate in a myriad of volunteer activities on behalf of the school. 

Children in classroom