Fourth Grade

  • Welcome to Fourth Grade!! 

    We are an enthusiastic team of teachers excited about helping our students learn and grow. This is a transformative year with opportunities for great academic growth.
    In fourth grade, we expect students to take more responsibility for their learning by using a daily planner to keep track of their homework and to work independently for greater periods of time. We also teach collaboration skills and provide many activities involving small group work. We look forward to working with the students this year to help them reach their potential and experience success in fourth grade.   

    Core Academic Focuses:

    • Reader's Workshop, where our students learn comprehension strategies and learn to become active readers.
    • Writer's Workshop, where students use life experiences and explore many genres to deepen their understanding of writing.
    • Math Workshop, where students become secure in their basic math facts (+, - , *, /),  and begin to explore deeper units of study such as geometry, algebra, fractions, decimals, and data analysis.