• Distance Learning Schedule (Subject to change)


    7:30-7:45      B2G/MM


    7:45-8:15      Math Review


    8:15-9:15      Math

              8:15-8:30 Synchronous (everyone) Displaying WholeGroup_BG.png

              8:30-9:15 Asynchronous (small groups)


    9:15-10:15    Reader’s Workshop

              9:15-9:30 Synchronous (everyone) Displaying WholeGroup_BG.png

              9:30-10:15 Asynchronous (small groups)


    10:15-11:05  Recess/Lunch/Office Hour   Displaying OfficeHours_BG.png


    11:05-11:15  Read Aloud


    11:15-11:45  Phonics


    11:45-12:10  Social Studies


    12:10-1:00    Prep/Specialists


    1:00-1:55      Writer’s Workshop


    2:00-:2:15.    Office Hour.  Displaying OfficeHours_BG.png 




Ms. Vue



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Vue

Teaching Experience: Ms. Vue has been teaching at Como Park Elementary since 2004. She started her teaching career as one of the TLC teachers who worked with the new Hmong immigrants from Thailand. Ms. Vue went to the University of Minnesota and majored in Elementary Edcucation, teaching K-8th grade. She taught 4th grade for 8 years before becoming a first grade teacher in 2013 and has been teaching first grade since then.

Hobbies and Family: Ms. Vue has three children of her own. For hobbies she enjoys reading, solving puzzles, spending quality time with her family and friends and refurbishing old furniture. 

Where she lives: Ms. Vue was born in Laos but was raised and went to school here in the Twin Cities. She is currently residing in St. Paul!

What she loves about teaching: Being an immigrant who came to the United States when she was little and having to struggle through school with very limited English, teaching students is where her heart is. With her background knowledge, Ms. Vue loves being able to make an impact on her students' lives, academically and socially. Ms. Vue feels at home here at Como with it's diverse population of students, parents, and community.