• Athletics

    In addition to the team sports offered at our school (Archery and Ultimate Frisbee) and our club activities (futsal, racquetball) Open World Learning Community has a co-operative relationship with Central High School (Football, Gymnastics, Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing) and Humboldt Secondary School (all other sports). 

    If you are interested in participating in athletics, please refer to the important St. Paul Public Schools and Humboldt High School website links for for forms and instructions:

    Any questions regarding athletics can be directed to:

    Barbara Lawrence, Humboldt/OWL Middle School Athletic Director 651-744-5600/

    Dave Mergens, Humboldt/OWL High School Athletic Director 651-744-5640/

    • Students at OWL are welcome to participate in sports at Humboldt throughout the year. 
    • At the end of the day, OWL students join practices both on campus and at local parks, walking with coaches and teammates. 
    • Transportation is provided after practice at 4 PM but NOT provided following games.
    • Students can be picked up at 4:30 PM from the OWL main entrance. We ask students to wait to be picked up n the glass entryway and not out on the sidewalk.

    SPRING ATHETICS AT HUMBOLDT/OWL are starting soon:

    Here is the list of spring sports, the first day of practice and the fees.


    Sport                           Start Date                  Fee           Free/Red. Lunch Fee

    Badminton                    March 6th                   $45                           $20        

    Softball                         March 13th                 $45                           $20

    Track & Field                  March 13th                $45                           $20        

    Baseball                        March 20th                $45                           $20

    Boys & Girls Golf            March 20th                $65                           $20

    Junior High Sports          March 27th                 $10                           $10


    *Athletes must turn forms (including an up-to-date physical exam on file) and fee and receive a pass from the Athletic Director before they can begin practice. Forms are available at (look for the FORMS tab) or from the OWL office or the Humboldt Athletic Director’s office. Questions, please contact Humboldt Athletic Director, David Mergens: