Dr. Timothy Brown

  • Week of 9/28



    While each of us has become painfully aware of all the things we miss in remote learning, I have to say there are some unexpected bright spots here and there.  While we all miss the daily interaction that comes from being in a school, some students are experiencing unprecedented success. Some students that are shy and more introverted often have a harder time in classrooms to be seen and heard.  But in DL 2.0, their voices are being heard more, both literally on the screen and figuratively in their written responses. I sat in on one meeting the other day and this student was beaming because working from home has eliminated all the social distractions and ‘drama’ that sometimes unfolds in the hallway, at recess and on the bus.  By working from home, this student was feeling better than ever about being able to focus and retain what the teacher is presenting. 

    I am not sharing this to minimize the huge sense of loss we all feel. But merely to say that there are a few uplifting stories of students thriving here and there that are worth sharing.  As always, call me or text me directly at 612-655-8490.

    Dr. Brown