Adrienne Anderson

  • Hello! My name is Adrienne Anderson and I have been teaching in St. Paul since 2001! I am a Family Consumer Science teacher here at Harding Senior High School. The subjects I teach are Culinary Arts 1/2, Clothing Tech 1/2/3, Child Development, and Indpendent Living. I live in Minneapolis with my husband, son and our dog. Some of my hobbies include sewing, cooking and traveling. 




Contact Information


  • Class Schedule 2021-2022

    Semester 1

    1st hour Culinary Arts 1

    Advisory 9th Grade 

    2nd hour Clothing Tech 1

    3rd hour Clothing Tech 2/3

    4th hour Clothing Tech 1

    5th hour Clothing Tech 1

    6th hour Prep

    7th hour Culinary Arts 1



Clubs and Organizations

  • Fashion Club is postponed until further notice.