Lisa Chovan-Spence

  • Lisa Chovan-Spence Hello Harding Knights! I am a Special Education Teacher at Harding who specializes in teaching math.  I teach three sections of Intermediate Algebra Concepts, as well as co-teach two sections of Intermediate Algebra.


    I'm from the Mill City, just across the river.  Having grown up in Minneapolis, as well as through working with students from all backgrounds who speak many languages, I have learned the importance of a diverse community and see it as a core value in our schools and our country.


    My interest in helping students stems from my desire to empower young people. I believe we all have valuable characteristics and through our combined efforts, we have the potential to do great things.  I hope to see students become happy, healthy, and responsible world citizens who are able to achieve their dreams. 


Contact Information


  • Course information is available on Schoology.

    Mondays and Thursdays

    • Cotaught 9th Grade Advisory w/Zeng 9:00-9:40
    • Cotaught Intermediate Algebra w/Egbert (period 2) 9:45-10:25
    • Intermediate Algebra Concepts (period 4) 10:30-11:10
    • Intermediate Algebra Concepts (period 6) 11:15-11:55 

    Tuesdays and Fridays

    • Cotaught Intermediate Algebra w/Egbert (period 1) 9:00-9:40
    • Intermediate Algebra Concepts (period 7) 11:15-11:5

    Available to meet by appointment during asynchronous times from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.