Lisa Chovan-Spence (she/her/hers)

  • Lisa Chovan-Spence Hello Harding Knights! I am a Special Education Teacher at Harding who specializes in teaching math.  I teach three sections of Intermediate Algebra Concepts, as well as co-teach two sections of Intermediate Algebra.


    Through growing up in Minneapolis, as well as by working with students from all backgrounds who speak many languages, I have learned the importance of a diverse community and see it as a core value in our schools and our country.


    My interest in helping students stems from my desire to empower young people. I believe we all have unique qualities and gifts, and that, through our combined efforts, we have the potential to do great things.  I hope to see students become happy, healthy, and responsible world citizens who are able to achieve their dreams. 


Contact Information


  • Course information is available on Schoology. IAC on Schoology, IA on Schoology

    • Per 1:  Cotaught Intermediate Algebra w/Egbert 
    • Cotaught 9th Grade Advisory w/Zeng 
    • Per 2:  Prep 
    • Per 3:  PLC
    • Per 4:  Intermediate Algebra Concepts 
    • Per 5:  Intermediate Algebra Concepts 
    • Per 6:  Intermediate Algebra Concepts 
    • Per 7:  Cotaught Intermediate Algebra w/Egbert 

    Available to meet by appointment.