Jennifer Funkhouser

  • Jenny Funkhouser

    My name is Jenny Funkhouser and I have been teaching French at Harding Senior High School since 2011.

    I graduated from the New School University in New York City in 1994 with a Masters in the Science of Teaching and completed my K-12 Reading Licensure Program in 2013 at Saint Mary’s University.

    I grew up in Paris, France and spent several years teaching French in New York City and Connecticut. I moved here 9 years ago from Mexico City where I taught Language Arts.

    I love working with the students at Harding. When I am not with them, I am with my three children. We enjoy traveling, cooking, movies, sports and reading.

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  • Period 1 -- French 1

    Period 2 -- French 4/5

    Period 3 -- French 3

    Period 4 -- French 2

    Period 5 -- French 2

    Period 6 -- IWL PLC

    Period 7 -- PREP

Clubs and organizations

  • French Culture Club

    Chess Club