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    I've been at teacher at Harding High School for the past eight years and a teacher in St. Paul Public Schools for the past sixteen years. I've meet and gotten to know many truly remarkable students and staff at Harding and in the St. Paul School district. Before I was teacher I was a student at the University of St. Thomas where I recieved a BA in Biology and an MA in Education. I also went to high school at Como High School and Murray Junior High School, so I've been in St. Paul schools since 1989!

    Outside of school I spend the vast majority of time oustide as a competitive paddler, biker, hiker, fisherman, and overall nature lover.

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  • Period 1: Prep

    Period 2: Accelerated Biology

    Period 3: Biology

    Period 4: Biology

    Period 5: Biology

    Period 6: IB Biology SL (year 1)

    Period 7: PLC

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