Larry Hill

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    I have been teaching ESL, ELL, and ELD classes at Harding High School since 1998. I have taught all grade levels and English Language Learner levels at Harding. I began in this profession as a volunteer English teacher in 1993 working with adults, many of them seniors from the former Soviet Socialist Republics.  I received my license through Hamline University and started teaching at Harding soon after.

    My classroom is 1622 (M2) in the Eastside HUB Center.

    Ms. Malikin teaches right next door in 1621 (M1). 

    Teachers and students at Harding come from diverse backgrounds. We practice different customs and religions and speak many different languages. We learn from each other and develop strong bonds and close friendships. In ELL classes we concentrate on English conversation, grammar and reading. Through English we develop a common thread that allows us to gain a better understanding of each other, a little bit more everyday about one another, and life in our adopted homeland, the United States.  

Contact Information

  • Larry Hill

    English Language Learning

    Eastside HUB Center, Room 1622 (M2)

    (651) 744-3248


  • Periods 1 and 2: English 9 (ELL 2)

    Period 5: Language through Science (ELL 1) 

    Periods 6 and 7: English 9 (ELL 2)

    I am available for tutoring after school in Rm 1622.


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