Dana McKenna

  • Dana McKenna Hello! I teach Algebra 2 Concepts, Essential Math 5, Math Strategies, and Skills for College and Career Readiness (AVID strategies) at Harding. As a case manager, I support students with exceptional needs at Harding. I am an Innocent Classroom trained teacher, so I focus on the unique strengths and giftedness of each student and maximize their efforts to excel.  My goal is to reverse the racial predictability and disproportionality of student acheivement by challenging students with engaging activities and curriculum that prepares them for post secondary college and careers of their choices.  

    My work on the Algebra 2 professional learning community at Harding facilitates the success of special education students in general education classes. I see the positive impact on Harding students as I mentor teacher candidates seeking special education licensure through University of Minnesota-Duluth. I am also the advisor for Harding Future Educators Club. The club is active in quarterly service projects to promote careers in education!

    Students may also see me teaching math during ALC summer session.   I recently completed Hamline University’s Administrative Licensure program.  

    My home is east, where I live with my husband (a Harding graduate). We have three children, a lab named Max, and a cat named Jazzie.  I love the outdoors, golfing, and reading. 

    Parents and students may contact me by E-mail, phone, or in person. I'm here to help! 

    I am a member of MCTM and my mission reflects theirs:

    "We teach more than math. We teach humans and humanity. Teaching meaningful mathematics and supporting educators means nothing if our BIPOC students are not being seen, heard and valued. As mathematicians, we push each other and our students to “Notice & Wonder”, to find patterns in the world, and to use mathematics as a tool to analyze situations. What are the patterns of systemic racism in our school and classroom structures that we uphold through our direct actions and/or our silence? We need to notice these patterns & then disrupt and transform. As teachers, we have power to intentionally engage in practices that amplify the voices of the unheard and take part in dismantling racism."

Contact Information

  • Dana McKenna, M.S.Ed

    Special Education Teacher EBD/LD-Highly Qualified

    Phone: 651-744-3128

    Email: dana.mckenna@spps.org

Class Schedule

  • Period 1: Skills for College & Career Readiness

    Period 2: Algebra 2C

    Period 3: Essential Math (Algebra/Geometry)

    Period 4: Math Strategies (Algebra)

    Period 5: Prep Period/Lunch Supervisor

    Period 6: Algebra 2 PLC

    Period 7: Algebra 2C

Clubs and Activities

  • Advisor: Future Educators of America Club

    Thursdays 2:15-3:00PM Rm. 1422