Señor Spence

  • Jayson Spence ¡Bienvenidos! Our world is forever changing, and in order to remain competitive on a global level it is imperative for our children to learn a foreign language.

    The reasons for learning a foreign language are numerous, for example:

    • children who have completed at least two years of a foreign language score higher on standardized tests than students who have not had a foreign language education; and
    • students who have studied a foreign language have an increased awareness of the cultural diversities that exist in our world.

    Each day more immigrants are arriving to the United States, and they all have different cultural beliefs. Our children need to be empathetic towards these varying beliefs, and to appreciate the similarities between cultures.


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Class Schedule

  • 1st hour: Spanish 4-6

    2nd hour: Spanish 2

    3rd hour: Spanish 2

    4th hour: Spanish 4-6

    5th hour: Spanish Prep

    6th hour: Spanish PLC

    7th hour: Spanish 1

Clubs and Organizations

  • Advisor:
    South East Asian (S.E.A) Club