Mr. Trepanier (Trep)

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    Teaching has been my passion and profession at Harding since 1993.  I am quite impressed with Harding's culture of academic excellence and diversity. Current Distance Learning (DL) is bringing endless challenge and excitement to our St.Paul community. I received my BA in Political Science/Spanish from St. John's Univ. and Masters of Education from the Univ. of MN in 1997.  Parents and community members are always welcome to experience and observe students engaged in learning in my classroom.  A native of South Korea, I grew up in a small northern Minnesota town. I can almost say, "I am a true Iron Ranger." Please contact me if you have any academic concerns.

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  • Period 1:  World Hist

    Period 2:  Prep

    Period 3:  World Hist

    Period 4:  World Hist

    Period 5:  PLC

    Period 6:  World Hist

    Period 7:  World Hist Acc