Stacey Von Wald

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    I am a life-long Knight! I graduated from Harding and my Dad used to teach here. Harding High School is very near and dear to my heart.

    After high-school I went on to college and earned B.A. degrees in Business Administration and Spanish from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN. In 2007 I began working at Harding and, inspired by the students, went back to school in 2013 and earned my teaching license and my Master's Degree in Special Education - Autism. I love my job and work hard at being a strong advocate for my students.

    There is no high-school in which I'd rather be - our students are amazing and inspirational, the staff is dedicated and caring. I bleed maroon and gold and know that Harding High School is the best school in the state.

    Go Knights!


Contact Information

  • Stacey Von Wald

    Teacher - Special Education, Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Phone: 651-744-3134



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