Anne Zielske

  • Anne Zielski Having taught since 1991, I have just finished my third year at Harding. Before this I have taught in Chicago, So.St.Paul, and Columbia Heights. As someone who lives in St. Paul and who's kids have always attended SPPS, I'm so glad to now work here, too! I love our city and want to do what I can to make it a place where all who call St. Paul home can thrive and reach their goals!

    Outside of school, my time is spent raising my three daughters, singing in the National Lutheran Choir, being active in my church, and for my health I try to keep up with jogging and yoga. In
    the summer I read a lot! It's become a tradition for me to read a "classic" each year. (Last summer I read Native Son, by Richard Wright.) 

    Finally, I love to travel and see all the beautiful landscapes nature provides as well as to meet people of different cultures. Our family has taken many road trips to camp in state and national parks, like Yellowstone or the Badlands. A few years ago we all took a life changing trip to Guatemala,  staying in people's homes and working with a group called Common Hope which helps families keep their kids in school. What an eye opening and exciting experience!

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  • General Chemistry


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  • GSA - Gender Sexuality Alliance